Friday, 2 September 2011

Yummy chocolate- (use it anywhere and everywhere)- frosting!

I just love this stuff, so much so that I would probably rate it as one of my most successful recipes so far! Well, its so good it even made it to the blog banner! Aside from tasting super indulgent whilst being super healthy, it is so simple to make and can be used everywhere…..

Filling for a cake spread with a spatula
Topping for a cupcake piped with a nozzle (or simply spooned on if you can’t wait!)
Layered up in a tall glass with fruit and vegan yoghurt/cream for a ‘posh’ dessert
Eaten as a chocolate mouse-y pudding in its own right

…Basically anywhere you need a rich, thick, creamy, chocolatey accompaniment… and where wouldn’t you want that??

Shhhh- I keep a tub of it in in the fridge for quick access when I’m in need of a little fix!

Recipe: chocolate frosting


350g (I carton) firm silken tofu (I use Mori nu)
60g cocoa powder
25g coconut flour
2tbs lemon juice (not essential)
40g agave nectar
1/4 tsp stevia powder
1tbs vanilla extract

(This makes enough to fairly generously frost 12 cupcakes)


So simple!! Put all ingredients into food processor and blend up very thoroughly. Spoon into a bowl and store in the fridge ready for use.

Oooh…some yummy variations to try….

Add 1tsp grated orange rind and 1tsp orange essence to the mixture and reduce vanilla essence to 1tsp. (if want to make frosting slightly runnier like a mouse then add 1-2 tbs orange juice).This one is my favourite flavour combo.

Add 1tsp instant coffee dissolved in 1tbs of boiling water. Reduce vanilla to 1tsp. add to the mixture. 

Add 1tsp peppermint essence and 1 tsp of ground mint leaves to the mixture and reduce vanilla to 1tsp.

Let me know of any more delicious variations you have tried!

P.S. You will notice above that I have included ‘Stevia’ in the ingredients list. You can find more info here on Stevia. You can also understand more about how and why I use Stevia in my recipes here.


  1. Yum, I should start making stuff with tofu. Although I try to stay away from soy because of the extra estrogen. hmm decisions, decisions.

    1. This is a great alternative frosting (or dessert) without using tofu. maybe that will help the decision making!


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