Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blueberry and apple vanilla cake

I’ve got a bit of a thing for blueberries at the moment, I guess I’m just trying to make the most of them before they disappear for another year- luckily there are always the frozen variety as a fall back option (a good selection of frozen fruits always inhabit my freezer!)

I’ve also really wanted to get a good vanilla sponge cake sussed too. I’ve had a few attempts in the past and the sponge has always turned out a little bit dense and ‘gummy’ which I put down to the fact that I’d used agave nectar instead of a granulated sugar. However, this time the sponge texture was amazing, delicate whilst still fairly dense but not at all gummy and so the texture is perfect for a more desert-like cake such as this.  This cake base could be topped with all sorts of fruit combos but the sliced apples here work really well to shape the top of the cake and make it look extra special.

This idea for this cake was veganised from a version in You magazine a few weeks back. It originally contained refined flour, caster sugar, butter, eggs and milk, this version is sooo much healthier but quite simply tastes sooo good!

Recipe: Blueberry and apple vanilla cake


200g white spelt flour
75g potato starch
1tsp flax seed mixed with 1tbs hot water
3tsp baking powder 
1tbs bicarbonate of soda
50g agave
70g rapadura
¼ tsp stevia
100ml melted coconut butter
50ml apple puree
50ml soy yoghurt
150ml orange juice
150ml soy milk
2tsp vanilla extract
1 eating apple- part thinly sliced and part cut into chunks
Handful of blueberries- fresh or frozen
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon

Fills one 7 inch tin plus a few extra cupcakes! 
(I know it seems a random amount of batter but these were roughly the equivalent amounts from the recipe I veganised which was supposed to make two shallow 7’ cake tins for a sandwich cake)


Blend all liquids in food processor and melt coconut oil separately then mix in. Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl then pour into the wet ingredients and beat well to get a very smooth mixture. Pour into greased and lined  7” cake tin  (plus cupcake tins- or use 2 shallow filled cake tins instead). Lay sliced apple over the top with chunks in centre and scatter blueberries over the top of those. Sprinkle with a little extra rapadura and cinnamon. Bake for approx. 45 mins at 180C. (cupcakes for 15-20 mins)  until a skewer comes away clean.


  1. Wow this recipe looks scrumptious. I love the look of both the big cake and the little cupcakes. Yum!

  2. Hi!
    The screen name is Kit-Kat, but my real name is Katie. I just found you on Chocolate Covered Katie's blog (Katie is like a sis to me. Love that girl!)
    cool, you're from England? I'm from Washington state, USA!!! Totaly different sides of the world! :~)
    We could become grrrrrrreat friends, because I believe in total vegan domination! haha!
    Hope to corispond with you soon!
    PS: This recipe looks DEEEEEElicious! mmmm! I just need to convert the measurements, and off I go! (Good thing we have math, huh? Isn't it strange that the US is really the only country that has a different measurement system???)
    ---- Kit-Kat (Katie)

  3. Hi katie, yep i'm an English girl- there doesn't seem to be quite so many of us about in blog land! Most of the blogs i look at are American. Yep i'm a huge fan of CCK too- she's so good at what she does. I'm only just starting out but i hope i can get there one day too! yeah the measuring system is a little strange- my blog posts vary from using grams to cups, i keep meaning to put a conversion chart on my page...must get onto it!


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