Sunday, 16 October 2011

My orchid

The small bedroom at the back of the house is used as our ‘music room’. That probably sounds slightly grander than it is in reality as it is simply where the electronic piano lives. It is also my favourite room in the house (well, maybe other than the kitchen but that’s more of a practical space!) as it is such a suntrap and feels snuggly and warm when the sun shines even when it’s chilly outside.

My second favourite thing about this room is my orchid which sits on the window sill and never ceases to make me smile. Two new flowers opened in the last week and that made me so happy , so much so I was bouncing around the room when I noticed the buds had finally opened… (remember I mentioned before how it is the small things that mean the most!)

This weekend as the sun poured through the window and I sat on the futon writing up my notes, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the beauty of the petals and then couldn’t help myself but grab my camera (that’s always waiting in the wings) to take a few shots. I am no pro, but I do love photos. I love the moments they capture and the memories they trigger upon looking back.  The blue painted walls in particular offered a stunning backdrop to this amazing little creation of nature. Too good to keep to myself, and just maybe it will make you smile a little too.


  1. Jo,
    I know this post is SO old, but do you have an tips on how to care for orchids and stimulate blooms? My mom has two of them (both several years old) and after their initial bloom, both have failed to put out a single bud.

    Do you have a particularly green thumb? *WE* do not, but I do engage in some outdoor flower gardening. Do you have any online sources or essential, "must do" tips to share?

    1. Ha ha gosh this is an old post!! :-) I'm not an orchid pro but i have found that the amount and type of sunlight has a huge impact of orchid success, for example two places i lived had lovely bright south facing windows and i have almost never ending blooms yet another flat i lived in had awful day lighting and the only windowsill was north facing- it died a death! I also have heard that once the last flower has died on the current stem, you should trim it down to just above soil level to allow for a new stem to grow most successfully- though it sometimes takes a few months between flowerings. To be honest I think my orchid growing has been mainly luck!


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