Monday, 28 November 2011


I have always talked about a balance. A balance between being ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’.

For me happiness is the day to day moments in life, our positive responses to the world around us. Satisfaction on the other hand is created deep inside, it is unique and personal, it is a knowledge and understanding within ourselves that we are on the right path, doing things that look set to make us happy in the long term. It is the overall sense of ease with ourselves. Satisfaction in the day to day does not always make us ‘happy’, its component parts are often tough and we question ourselves why we do it- but  we still do, in the knowledge that it is for the greater good. 

When our goals seem tough it is very easy to focus on the here and now- tick the ‘happiness’ box and push ‘satisfaction’ to the back of our minds. If we have enough ‘happiness’ in our lives we can sometimes do a very good job of avoiding dealing with our satisfaction for weeks, months or even years.  But, I strongly believe we cannot avoid it forever, the longer the bigger issues and the deep down unanswered questions are left unresolved the harder it becomes and the harder we have to work at maintaining ‘happiness’ to cover those up.

I am working hard at satisfaction, working hard to change the course of my life to become the person I want to be. The person I know that I am capable of being instead of the person society expects- one who is settled and ‘comfortable’ with her lot.   By no means do I lack gratitude; I am constantly grateful for the small things in life- and the fact that I have been given this opportunity at life at all. So by the same token I want to really ‘live my life’ and for me that means pushing boundaries to find out who I really am and only through that will I be able to fulfil the potential I have within me.

The silent natural world around us is full of wonder and magnificence, far greater than we could ever really conceive. Capturing these moments to reflect back on in times of quiet, times when change is all around and doubts creep into my mind is all the more important to me. It provides me with a sense of perspective, reminds me that my fears are not really fears at all and enables me to open my mind to the possibilities this world has to offer us all.

I want to share some of these captured moments, moments created on my doorstep, the moments in life that have made me smile and grow within.

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  1. You can achieve anything if you really want it enough. I know you can do it! :) I look forward to coming to the opening of your very own super healthy naughty but nice food shop.



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