Friday, 30 March 2012

Inspired in March

The sun is out…and happiness is all around. It always amazes me how much a little bit of sunshine can change the world. I don’t mean just visually (but of course there is that too) but more spiritually and emotionally. People smile, they relax, they play, they get together… it is almost as if the warmth of the sun itself feeds goodness to our soul.

 So, now to share a few of my inspirations this month.

Main photo: The recipe that inspired you most was my bakewell oat tart winning recognition for the most traffic on my blog this month.

Just ordered some of these shoescan’t wait for the delivery

I passed this pole course with an amazing group of inspiring people.

Books for holiday reading… this and this (I don’t go for the girlie novels- hard core stuff!)            

Thinking of setting up a tumblr blog….just for photos

At moments when you doubt yourself this is humbling

These words are also humbling

Finally got on board with the rest of the world and got one of these too!

Still making lots of this…but now using carob too. More on that soon…

Love this idea!

This cute little cupcake inspired my own Easter themed attempts (and looked so much better!)


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL photo! & check the link you posted for the shoes, it just links back to the post.

    1. Ooo thanks for the link spot, and the compliment- i still have so much to learn about the technicalities of photography! Hopefully I will get there some day. ;-)


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