Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lemon poppy pancakes

It must be the weekend! Pancakes for a weekend breakfast is pretty much the only time I have them, you know the drill by now!

These lemony delights soak up the remains of summer time and were a twist on  the norm as I often opt for spelt flour, as with GF flours I often find the pancakes have more trouble holding together. This time I was determined that things should be a little different. These worked a treat, however I would still recommend making small pancakes as they will be so much easier to flip, regardless of what flours used I often find myself making the mistake of spooning a large blog of batter into the pan which is much more tricky to handle.

I’m having a bit of a lemony kick at the moment, must be the sunshine these last few weeks... and maybe also a little wishful thinking that summer wasn't over already! Since I also had some poppy seeds to use up, I figured this would be the perfect combo.

Served up with some vegan yoghurt, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of coconut sugar and you’re good to go. Breakfast? These are more like dessert!

Recipe: Lemon poppy pancakes

Makes approx. 4-5 pancakes


½ cup GF flour mix (I used Doves)
¾ tsp baking powder
Tiny pinch salt
1 tbs poppy seeds
3 tbs apple puree
1 tbs lemon juice and zest
1 tbs agave
1/3 cup soy milk with 1 tsp chia seeds mixed in
1 tbs melted coconut butter (or omit for fat free)

Mix the wet ingredients together in a small bowl. Combine with the dry ingredients and mix well but lightly.
Spoon smallish dollops on a lightly oiled hot frying pan and fry till golden for a minute or so each side. Serve with soy yoghurt, a squeeze of fresh lemon and coconut sugar as desired.

* for further guidance on making gluten free choices please see this post.

For tips and info on recipe measurement conversions, ingredients, substitutions and the methods behind how I do things.... check out my 'baking tips' tab at the top of the page.


  1. thank you for this recipe ! they look super good, i'll have to try soon ;)

  2. There's no mention of poppy seeds in the ingredients...?

    1. Hi there, oops, you are right i'll add that now- its 1 tbs of poppy seeds!


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