Sunday, 14 October 2012

DAY FOURTEEN: 'Summary Sunday'…what’s going down?

Ok, so I’ve been busily browsing the Vegan MOFO blog roll and have been loving the recipes you guys have been coming up with.

Wow, Inspiring!

It’s also great to ‘meet’ a few more vegan bloggers that were not previously on my radar.

So as I mentioned last Sunday, the month of October will be dedicated to Sunday round-ups, a summary of your recipes that have caught my eye.  I’m working my way through the list and this summary represents blogs with titles from A-E (I will continue onto the end over the next two Sunday’s). It's taken all afternoon...but I've had lots of fun. Now I want to go and eat!

As you can (hopefully) tell from my blog, drool-worthy photos mean a lot to me…as I eat with my eyes!! So those recipes that tickled my taste buds and had a great photo accompaniment were generally the ones that grabbed my attention. All artwork below is fully credited to the various bloggers who inspired this post.


(the perfect grab a spoonful from the fridge snack)

(a full flavour vegan cheesy comfort food must try!)

(simple and colourful)

(the perfect wintry indulgence...could be hot served hot!)

(courgette noodles are something I've been meaning to try for ages!)

(these need no explanation, I am curious to use freeze dried fruit...)

(bread experiments are high up in my priorities and I love the unusual nature here!)

(potato skins were always my favourite...I couldn't pass these by!)

(too cute...If only I had the time to make my lunch this cute!)

(i love banana bread..especially one containing superfoods like this.)

What Vegan MOFO means to me.


  1. Thanks so much for including me in your Sunday round-up, Jo! There are so many mouthwatering treats on that list. I could especially go for the chocolate peanut butter mousse.

  2. thank you for mentioning my smoothie recipe - I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. Awww! Thanks! Fun to see my mousse ;-)! Lovely blog - so glad to meet up!


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