Sunday, 7 October 2012

DAY SEVEN: 'Summary Sunday'…what’s going down?

Apologies for the slightly corny title...but hey what can you do, I was running low on  ‘S’ words.  Sunday’s for me are typical silent, aka the ‘Silent Sunday’  but since I felt that didn’t really offer itself into the MOFO spirit, for these 4 weeks only Sunday will be taking on a different look.

I want to share what you guys are doing; all the other 700 or so MOFOers out there who are whipping up tasty vegan food and reviewing inspiring products or articles all in aid of Vegan MOFO 2012.

However, for this week only I have no choice but to be a little self-indulgent… I am away on holiday and so this post had to be scheduled in advance, therefore I have had no opportunity to get involved with others efforts. So here you have a roundup of my favourite oat based recipes to date… I hope you enjoy and I can promise you that this time next week it will be YOU in the spot light!

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