Thursday, 8 August 2013

Things you've missed!


Just wanted to briefly check in over here...just in case you hadn't reconnected with me on my new platform and was wondering where on earth i'd got to?  It's been a month since i've migrated now.

It seems that for some of you the transitions to my new feeds in your feed-readers hasn't been entirely smooth and hasn't happened automatically.  If that's you simply type my regular 'Including Cake' website URL on a new web page and you should come up with my new home ground, then paste this address directly into Feedly (or whatever you use). I mention Feedly as this is what I use and apparently for others that also use it, it still connected over here unless manually updated (or something like that...I'm trying to understand it all but it's still all a little over my head).

I also have good old email, RSS, all my social media...all that schabang! Whatever tickles your fancy really. Oh and if you don't follow me on Instagram already- hit me up there as I post lots of daily titbits and anything that inspires me. It's all good fun!

I'm off now....but here is a little preview of what you've been missing this last month.

I really hope you come to find me. xx

cookie dough ice pops
quick burger salad
lightened up shepherds pie
quinoa banana bread slice
strawberry balsamic baked oats
cabbage wraps
coconut water hydration smoothies
cauliflower pizza base
Sweet cauli-pizza

chocolate cherry pots....!

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