Monday, 6 February 2012

Mantra for Monday no. 6

Over the weekend we had our first real snow this winter. Snow is so magical and awe inspiring in so many ways.

It is not loud or bold, it does not announce its presence the way a thunderstorm commands attention, and it does not strike the sky with an array of colour as does a rainbow. It falls silently and subtly….flake by flake.

Snow changes our world, our view and our perspective. We see the white blanket hugging the landscape reigning supreme and forget that it is each individual delicate snowflake that enables this to be. In the same way it is easy to forget the significance of our actions, the changes we can bring about if we join forces and collaborate. We doubt ourselves and become overwhelmed with the notion that nothing we do will ever matter; will ever be enough to make a difference.

It begins with one flake, just a dot on the landscape not even visible to the naked eye….but that turns into two flakes, into three…and soon it paints the world anew.

Gather your army and acknowledge the momentum we can gather if we let our thoughts be known and assert ourselves to doing and not just thinking.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Note: Silent Sundayno. 6: I went for a snowy walk on Sunday across the parks and the fields. Families were out in force and the laughter and shrieking of children playing in the snow was magical in itself.

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