Monday, 20 February 2012

Mantra for Monday no. 8

I spend so much of my time planning. Writing notes, scribbling on postit’s, writing ‘to do lists’, highlighting extracts of text, putting tabs on pages….

….but I do it then get anything done? Do I go ahead and pursue those dreams and aspirations?


Do more..think less? Learn through doing instead of using ‘planning’ as a safety net to remain in the comfort zone and put off getting on with the doing!

The problem with plans is that they only go so far…they are often ridged and don’t allow for flexibility. If your track changes course it throws you and sends into a panic because ‘that outcome wasn’t planned for’.

Maybe the best solution is simply to have no hard and fast plans and no rules and be open to all possibilities. By ‘no plans’ I don’t mean no goals or aspirations- quite the opposite in fact. A passionate sense of where you are heading is critical in maintaining the sense of desire to keep going strong into the realm of the unknown. Similarly ‘preparing’ for various outcomes and possibilities is also wise to protect you if you fall, but this is very different from making 'plans' which by their nature tyoically define an outcome.

Pursue your passions and goals but don’t plan for them. Allow life to throw its ideas and inspirations in your path and then make room to consider and react without being stifled and bound by your own assumptions and expectation. That in itself is the realm of the unknown and is the only way forward for true growth.
 What is a Mantra for Monday?

Note: Silent Sunday no. 8: My recent mini holiday resulted in a whole hosts of images that make me smile and bring back that feeling of being truly alive. The weather on this particular day was perfect in every way. Freezing cold but perfectly still. A blue sky sending the sun skimming across the frosty mountainside. The experience was incredible.

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