Monday, 7 May 2012

Mantra for Monday no. 19




This is a reflection on the foundation of my wellbeing principles.

Somehow being outside in the open air, brings so much clarity into my life. When things get chaotic and I doubt myself, and question who I am and what I am trying to achieve, I go for a walk, I stand on a hill, I take time out to be and see a new perspective. I don’t need  to see,  it often just happens.

When you take yourself out of the immediate situation and get some air life always seems so much less complicated. After all when you break it all down that’s exactly what it is: there’s you and there’s the world…what are you going to do in it? What do you want to do in it?

My birthday is coming, and along with it no doubt some more questions and a time for reflection. Next Friday I will be making my way forward into my 29th year. It is a classic saying ‘things to do before I’m 30’….so I wonder what I will achieve this coming year? There is only so much you can plan for in life and I think the key is more often allowing yourself to be open to opportunities, overcome fear and hesitation and then grapping those opportunities with both hands.

What is a Mantra for Monday?

Silent Sunday no. 19: My cat Mouche (Scaramouche!) was wrapped up in the hollow of a duvet and I couldn’t resist….

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