Monday, 22 October 2012

DAY TWENTY TWO: Mantra for Monday no. 43

I originally posted this photo on my Instagram and in my Monthly Inspirations after turning the page in Food Rules and finding this quotation.

So simple yet so true. Nothing complicated, just simple facts. This appeals to me from a nutritional perspective as it points to the plant based lifestyle without the moral standpoint that I find some people shirk away from.

The vegan lifestyle is based around two very different but very interrelated perspectives- health and environmental.  I have always been very open with the fact that my change towards a plant based lifestyle was from triggered by a health point of view, of course the environment and animals are also in my mind, but I am unsure what extent of influence this would have in its own right.

However, together it is a powerful combination and the world needs to know…slowly, slowly things seem to be moving in that direction and Michael Pollan’s clear cutting message to world is a great start.

What is a Mantra for Monday?


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    1. I haven't forgotten about the animals, I just wanted to address the 'plant based' perspective that initially brought me on board! :-)


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